The ROI from coaching can be significant and multi-faceted. It can include enhanced productivity, improved communication and relationships, better work-life balance, and personal growth. A study by the International Coach Federation reported a median ROI of 700% for coaching clients.

Organisational benefits:
70% improved work performance
51% increase in team effectiveness
44% increase in productivity

Personal benefits:
80% increase in self-confidence
73% improved communication skills
67% improved work/life balance

Companies with a coaching culture have higher revenues as well as better employee retention and satisfaction rates.

Your specific ROI will depend on your goals, commitment, and the areas we focus on in our coaching relationship. 99% of my clients are satisfied or very satisfied with their results.

Coaching offers a range of benefits including increased self-awareness, improved communication skills, enhanced leadership abilities, better decision-making, and improved personal and professional relationships. It provides a supportive environment for you to explore challenges, set goals, and work towards achieving them with guidance, feedback, and accountability.

My coaching methodology is a unique blend of psychology, positive psychology, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, neuroscience, and solution-focused approaches. We’ll work collaboratively to identify your goals, explore challenges, and devise actionable strategies to achieve your desired outcomes. Everything is tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

I am an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) passed at the MCC level. With nearly two decades of coaching experience, I have worked with individuals and organisations across various industries, across the globe helping them achieve their personal and professional goals. My diverse background and continuous learning ensure that I bring a wealth of knowledge and effective strategies to our coaching relationship.

The duration of a coaching engagement will vary based on your goals and circumstances. Typically, a coaching engagement lasts six months, with regular sessions either weekly or bi-weekly. However, many clients choose to continue coaching for a year or more as they find value in the ongoing support and accountability.

The process begins with a complimentary discovery session to discuss your goals, challenges, and to ensure we are a good fit, followed by a complimentary coaching session, so you can experience what it is like to work with me. Once we decide to work together, we’ll schedule regular coaching sessions, set clear objectives, and begin our journey towards achieving your goals.

Progress and success are measured based on the goals set at the beginning of our coaching relationship. Through regular reviews, feedback, and assessments, we’ll evaluate your progress, celebrate your achievements, and adjust our approach as needed to ensure continued success.

I only work with individuals and organisations committed to growth, development, and positive change. My clients range from executives and leaders to teams and professionals across various sectors seeking to enhance their communication, leadership, and personal effectiveness (my main focus is the Tech Sector).

Confidentiality and ethics are foundational to my coaching practice. All conversations and information shared are kept strictly confidential in line with the ICF Code of Ethics. I am committed to providing a safe, respectful, and professional coaching environment.

I offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs. Contact me directly to arrange a suitable time.

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